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The American Rally for Personal Rights Read about and view the May 26, 2010 gathering in Chicago that called for the universal human rights standard of informed consent for all medical interventions.

Frontline's "Vaccine War" - Balanced reporting? Links to the controversial April 2010 program. Dr. Jay Gordon's take in his letter to PBS: �Distraught, confused moms against important, well-spoken calm doctors.�

Parents say no to more vaccines
by Heather Senison, Legislative Gazette, Mon, Jun 16, 2008
A hundred angry parents traveled from across the state last week to protest a bill that would add to the list of mandatory vaccinations and to demand the right to refuse immunizations for their children on philosophical or medical grounds.

The parents, joined by Assemblyman Marc Alessi, D-Manor Park, held signs displaying phrases such as "trust what God gave you, your immune system works," and "parental choice vs. corporate profit," while shouting "my kids, my choice."
Continued at legislativegazette.com.

(Not Very) Recent Updates
NYS 2112 "Immunizations; prohibition on the use of mercury" - limits amount of mercury in vaccines given to pregnant women and children under 3 years.
NYS-Article21-A (2190 - 2196) Long-term Care and Employee Immunization Act
Statewide immunization registry law 2168 DOH to collect reports of immunizations, etc.
NY Public Health Law 2164 (updated 2007) mandates the vaccination of children before they will be admitted to school.
NY Requirements for Vitamin K & Eye Drops at Birth
Birth Plan Make sure they do it your way.

In 2004, tetanus, a non communicable disease, was added to the list of diseases requiring vaccination of NY children.

Michael Palmer's vaccine thriller FATAL on NYT bestseller list. Barbara Loe Fisher says, "Get it now"!

NY moves to enact State Emergency Health Powers Act, mandating vaccination in "emergencies." See details and sign the petition  

Court Tells NY School District To Honor Parent's Religious Belief Rochester, NY 1/31/02
District Refuses Religious Exemption After Son Used Sugar Rochester, NY 12/5/01 
Clarkstown School Board Sued After Expelling Student 11/27/01

Lawyers Claim CDC Cooked Books on Mercury - Secret Report Reveals 10/17/01
Judge Backs Parents on Immunizations Casper, WY 8/21/01

Attention: New York residents

You are urged to submit written statements detailing your experience with and/or opinions about New York's mandatory vaccination law and exemptions. Please act today. Click for details

Hep B Action Against Students in Utica, NY 10/10/2000

Medical Institute Set to Determine if Vaccines Really Cause Autism (WebMD)

Shots Heard 'round the World Syracuse New Times Net report by Spider Rybaak
Once considered the key to preserving public health, immunizations come under unfriendly fire.

Chicken pox vaccination of NY children was passed in 1999 and has become law despite our efforts to get legislators to hold public hearings and examine the issue carefully. Check to see who we contacted and what the response was. Just how dangerous was chickenpox to children in New York before the vote? Check out state statistics few politicians bothered to look at.

New York Times piece about vaccination.  Note the part that says the Vaccine Initiative/Infectious Diseases Society of America is using focus groups, surveys and "other marketing tools" to explain immunization to the public.

The New York state legislature has passed the Health Information and Quality Improvement Bill, which requires the state's department of health to post on its website the professional profiles of doctors practicing in New York state.

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Trading chickenpox for shingles? Research published in the International Journal of Toxicology. 



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