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Attention New York Residents

New York residents who, regarding the state compulsory vaccination law, 

  • might one day want to claim a religious exemption
  • claimed a religious exemption and were challenged by the authorities
  • were granted a religious exemption without incident
  • believe the exemption from mandatory vaccination should be extended to those who object for philosophical reasons

Written statements detailing your experience with and/or opinions about New York's mandatory vaccination law are being collected by Gary Krasner (Coalition For Informed Choice) and Sharon Kimmelman (Vaccination Alternatives). They are attempting to document both popular support for a philosophical exemption to the compulsory vaccination law and abuses of the current law by state and local officials. These statements will be shown to select New York state legislators who have demonstrated an open-mindedness regarding the possibility of enacting a philosophical exemption to the NY vaccination requirements. These statements may also be used to help resolve the issue of whether school or health officials have any authority to pass judgment on the "sincerity" of parents' religious beliefs.

Specifically, Gary and Sharon are asking for:

1) statements detailing any treatment by school or other public officials of those claiming a religious exemption from the NY vaccination requirements where such treatment is believed to have been intrusive, unfair, unconstitutional, threatening, or inappropriate in any way


2) statements of opinion that exemption from the requirements should be extended to those who object to vaccination for philosophical reasons.

For the statements to be credible they will need to be attributable to specific individuals and, therefore, must include the author's name and postal address. Although the initial plan is, as mentioned, to share these statements with select legislators, be advised that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Please bear this in mind when considering using any information in your statement that you feel, if made public, might compromise your family's standing on these issues.

Statements may be emailed to Gary Krasner 

or snail mailed to: 

Coalition For Informed Choice 
Gary Krasner, Director 
188-3487th Drive, #4B
Hollis, NY 11423 
(fax/phone: 718-479-2939) 


Sharon Kimmelman 
Vaccination Alternatives 
POB 346 New York, NY 10023 
(212-873-5051 phone - fax)


Additionally, if you know of any New York legislators who may have evidenced an open mind regarding vaccination law please let us know by e-mailing a note to: 
New Yorkers for Vaccination Information and Choice
Coalition For Informed Choice 
Vaccination Alternatives

Reach Out to Lawmakers

For those without a fax application on their computer - CallCenter V3.5.8, is a Native 32-bit Voice Telephony software application integrated with fax and data communications... free of charge! Download from 

I-Link TalkFree permits you to make limited free long-distance calls within the 48 contiguous states. Check it out at

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