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ALERT - New bill would strengthen religious exemptions to NY mandated vaccinations 
27 January 2009

Dear fellow NYers,

New York State Assembly bill A.883, sponsored by Assemblyman Gottfried, was reported from the NYS Assembly Health Committee and is scheduled to be voted on by the Assembly soon. The purpose of the bill is "to protect parents from inappropriate and intrusive inquiry into their religious beliefs by government authorities." This bill is considered controversial; therefore, action to support the bill is needed ASAP.

We at NYVIC consider this a very important bill, especially to those of you who have claimed a religious exemption to vaccination and have been questioned or "second-guessed" about your religious beliefs. Please bear in mind: Having your religious exemption "approved" by local authorities is not a guarantee that you will not be questioned again as your child moves up through the grades - particularly, if you move to a different school district.

If you are a NY State resident, we urge you to write your Assembly representative today asking for his/her support and to vote for Bill A.883 when it comes to the floor of the Assembly. You can find contact info about your representative at: 

In addition to your own representative, please write or Cc: 

Explain why you think the bill is important and include some details if you have had to undergo extensive and intrusive questioning about your religious beliefs. Be brief and focus on the purpose of this bill, i.e., to protect parents from intrusive questioning about their religious beliefs. (NOTE: NYVIC does not advise introducing extraneous issues like Philosophical exemptions, vaccine safety, etc., into your email about this bill.)

For the email to be reviewed by the legislators, you should include your name and NY address.

You can read more about bill A.883 on the NY Assembly website at:

Thank you, 
the NYVIC team 
New Yorkers for Vaccination Information and Choice

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