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If you give birth in-hospital, be armed with a birth plan! You can deny the hospital permission to vaccinate, circumcise, etc. If it is your wish, you must give them to understand in no uncertain terms that your baby is not to be taken anywhere for any medical procedure. Remember, vaccination is not a medical emergency. You can always decide to vaccinate at a later date. Take your time and come to a well-reasoned, calm decision. If your pediatrician tells you that you cannot continue at his practice unless you vaccinate (not unusual) - shop around - you will find more cooperative doctors listed in the phone book.

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Other Resources on Birth Plans

At the end of the NY DOH 40 page PDF booklet, "Your Guide to a Healthy Birth," is an outline for a birth plan.

The Labor of Love site discusses many topics, including circumcision, vaccination, eye ointment, and vitamin K shots. It also includes a book list and links to information on doulas and midwifery: Eyes-Open Childbirth.

Sabrina's Pregnancy Page  was written by a mother with experience in the Bradley method of natural childbirth, and she includes several sample birth plans used by others. The author also holds a Master of Public Health, with a specialty in Community Health Education.

Many other websites offer help and suggestions, and even interactive forms for writing your own birth plan, such as the ones listed below (a Google search on "birth plan" may reveal more): 

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