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Vaccination: One Hundred Years of Orthodox Research Shows That Vaccines Represent a Medical Assault on the Immune System
by Viera Scheibner, Ph.D.
1993; 264p; New Atlantean Press (505)983-1856 ;$30

Dr. Viera Scheibner's book is quite impressive from a couple of standpoints. Firstly, she came upon the causal relationship between vaccination and resulting injury and death without an initial bias in favor of her findings. Secondly, she and her colleague used adverse circumstances (the lack of professional support, finances and endorsement from her professional peers) to inspire and motivate her to pull together and review the numerous scientific and medical studies on the subject, and pursue the difficult task to its end, namely to bring her findings to the people.

Dr. Scheibner initiated a project using an apparatus she designed which monitored sleeping babies' breathing to shed light on cot (crib) death (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). The device was placed in cribs and when babies' breathing became abnormal an alarm would sound, alerting parents. She expected that if there was pattern it would be revealed. What was revealed was chilling. Hence, the title of her book.

Dr. Scheibner's own observations and the data collected from parents who participated in the CotWatch project have become the subject of this bold exposť. If you read the medical articles summaries you will be told that vaccination has been shown to be safe and effective. Yet if you then read the main text describing sloppy record keeping, people dropping out or dying, lack of follow-up, you see how the summaries do not reflect the trials. They are a convoluted tangle of statements, claims, assumptions, overlooked key points, and omissions which praise vaccination. It appears that these mis-conclusions serve only to protect the status quo business-as-usual policy: that drug corporations (et al) want a steadily increasing consumership for their products (vaccines), anyone will do but babies are most accessible.

Here are a few crucial facts which represent what Dr. Scheibner presents for the reader's review and consideration:

*After the death of two young children the Japanese changed their policy and postponed DPT vaccination of children until the age of two years. Subsequently, the "entity" called Cot Death [SIDS] disappeared. Although vaccine injuries at age two and after remained constant and increased.

*Despite failure (many adverse reactions) of the Swedish trials which used 2 different Japanese acellular pertussis vaccines and Sweden's discontinuance of pertussis vaccination, the American Committee on Immunization Practices advised its use for the fourth and fifth doses.

*In the U.S., between 1922 and 1975 mortality from whooping cough fell steadily. In 1978, legislation was passed requiring proof of immunization for school beginning at age 5 or 6. Almost immediately the overall incidence of pertussis tripled, especially in the age group under 6 months, which had the highest mortality from whooping cough.

*Babies and children vaccinated with DPT developed invasive systemic bacterial infections like haemophilus influenza [Hib], pneumonia, and others. Repeated vaccination increased severity, complexity, and risk of death. (Is the Hib vaccine routinely given along with the DPT and OPV vaccines to "treat" a vaccine reaction they know is likely to occur?)

*European and U.S. medical journal articles in the 1940's reported that paralysis (named poliomyelitis) followed vaccination with diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus and often began in the injected limb.

*Women are less likely to contract ovarian cancer if they have had mumps in childhood.

*All countries with intensive or mandatory vaccination of infants show a 400% increase of cerebral palsy not diagnosed at birth.

*In studies involving a control (supposedly unvaccinated) group, the control group was in fact vaccinated, sometimes with a different vaccine, sometimes with a vaccine without that particular microbial component. Placebos that were given were not harmless but highly noxious substances.

Q: What do infants, army recruits, indigenous people, prison inmates, and disabled institutionalized people have in common?

A: They are the most often used as test populations in vaccine "safety and efficacy" trials.

Reading about the intra-national vaccine studies involving millions of infants, children, and adults in various countries, over a period of a century, begs the questions: "Did these parents have any idea what they were volunteering their children for? What were participants told? Why is this allowed to go on? Where is the ethical oversight?

Although this book is composed mostly of names, dates and data, it is quite readable. I believe Dr. Scheibner achieves her goal to educate and inform. Her summary is straightforward, succinct and unequivocal: vaccines do not protect the recipient from or minimize illness, vaccines are highly toxic and cause injury and death, the scientific "control" trials or studies on vaccination for safety and efficacy have shown it to be a highly risky and disabling medical practice and any claim otherwise is simply false, and enforcement by government and its agencies is highly unethical.

I come away with the stark reality that what is often called science is little more than irresponsible, dangerous high-tech public relations work born of fear, superstition, ignorance, and greed, and little or no thinking (as in clear-, independent-, non-biased-, intuitive-, free-). The world-wide laboratory experiment continues on the unwitting and coerced human and non-human population.

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