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Books on Alternative Healthcare that Address Measles

This is just a brief list of a few books and the type of information that is available. It is just to let you know that there are treatments for measles. I think its good to experiment with the different types of remedies, find out what your kids like and take well, what your family is comfortable with. You can do this by using different remedies in non-emergency situations. For example, try making nutritive infusions of herbs for your kids, see if they like drinking tea.

Healthcare is very individual , over time you will find what works best for you and your family.

Jessica Hall

The Complete Home Health Advisor by Rita Elkins

Treatments listed:

Medical: Tylenol, for fever.

Nutritional: Calcium/magnesium to repair tissue, Vitamin A and E to fight infection, boost immunity, Vitamin B and ZINC for cell and tissue repair.

Herbal: Chamomile tea to reduce fever, Garlic to fight infection, warm or cool ginger baths for fever, Yarrow to cleanse the blood and dry mucous, Goldenseal to relieve itching, Hops as a relaxant.

This book promotes vaccinations but acknowledges reactions.

Earth Medicine Earth Food by Michael A. Weiner

'The classic guide to the herbal remedies and wild plants of the North American Indians'. This book states, "Measles was unknown among the American Indians prior to the arrival of the Europeans."

The Rappahannock of Virginia drank an infusion of Sassafras root to lower fever and promote eruption of rash. It is interesting to note that they wished to promote rather than suppress the rash.

Everybodies Guide to Homeopathic Medicines by Stephen Cummings, MD & Dana Ullman, MPH.

Treatments listed:

Vitamin A has been found in recent research to reduce risk of serious complications

Homeopathic: Aconite is the best remedy for beginning measles. Belladona, Gelsemium Euphrasia, Pullsatilla, depending on the course of disease and symptoms.

Natural Healing with Herbs by Humbart Santillo, ND

This book deals exclusively with herbs and has an extensive list of herbal remedies for measles. Some herbalists find his approach rather aggressive.

Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide compiled by The Burton Goldberg Group

This book has a chapter on children's health. Notable quotes from this book:

"The potential devastating side effects associated with immunizations, combined with the fact that there are too many unanswered questions regarding their safety and effectiveness, are causing many healthcare experts to now object to blanket immunizations."

"I think immunizations should be voluntary. Compelling parents to have their children vaccinated will not be tolerated too much longer in American Society." Harris Coulter, PhD

Remedies listed:

Ayurvedic, Chinese, Homeopathy, Herbal, Hydrotherapy and Juice Therapy

Aromatherapy: spray or vaporize with eucalyptus, tea tree, chamomile and lavender

Cold, wet socks treatment: this treatment is done by putting ice cold, wet socks onto a child's feet, this is done to move blood from the head to the feet, relieving pressure and fever. Symptoms disappear, children fall asleep immediately and are feeling better the next day!

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