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Non-Internet, non-U.S. Resources

  • Immunization Awareness Society - Peter Mancer Manager, Northern Region Securicor 3net (NDL) Ltd (Formerly Network Dynamics Ltd) Auckland, New Zealand Phone +64-9-424-7070  Fax +64-9-424-4144 Email mancerp@securicor.co.nz
  • The Vaccine Awareness Network in Austrailia has an excellent newsletter. Email van@mypostbox.com
  • Vaccine Risk Awareness Network A volunteer group in Toronto, Ontario that offers information and publishes VRAN NEWS, a quarterly newsletter. 439 Wellington St. Suite 5,
    Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1E9, Canada
    Editor - Meg Edwards:
    dallas@the-wire.com  Tel: (416) 923-4571
  • The International Vaccination Newsletter, Krekenstraat 4, 3600 Genk, Belgium. Fax: +32 89 304982. Published quarterly (available by subscription), its purpose is to give accurate, critical information about vaccinations, and to link people and organisations.

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What is the future of our Vaccination Decisions Support Group? Answers, (such as they are) will be posted here.

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Trading chickenpox for shingles? Research published in the International Journal of Toxicology. 



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