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UpdatedMay 2010

May 26, 2010 - The American Rally for Personal Rights Gather in Chicago (or watch online) to demand the universal human rights standard of informed consent for all medical interventions.

Frontline's "Vaccine War" - Balanced reporting? April 2010

Feds found Pfizer too big to nail
By Drew Griffin and Andy Segal, CNN Special Investigations Unit (April 2, 2010)
"Imagine being charged with a crime, but an imaginary friend takes the rap for you."
Read article at cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/04/02/pfizer.bextra/index.html?hpt=T

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January 2008 - The American Academy of Pediatrics sends foreboding letter to ABC/Disney executives, demanding they cancel the premiere of the new legal drama series, Eli Stone, because it features a family attorney who successfully argues in court that mercury-containing flu vaccine caused autism in one child.

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Legislation Aims to Resolve Thimerosal Controversy, June 25, 2007
Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) introduced the “Comprehensive Comparative Study of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Populations Act of 2007” (H.R. 2832), legislation that would require the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to conduct a comprehensive comparative study of vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, which may resolve the controversy about the possible link between autism and mercury or other vaccine components [details here].

Bush Set to Veto HHS-Labor-Education Appropriations Bill Due to Provision to Remove Mercury From Infant Vaccines, July 18, 2007 
According to the Congressional Quarterly, the White House stated on Tuesday that President
Bush would veto the HHS-Labor-Education Appropriations Bill because of the cost and "objectionable provisions" such as a measure to ban the use of childhood flu vaccines that contain thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative. [read entire article]

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March 21, 2006
UC Davis Study with Mice Links Thimerosal with Immune System Dysfunction
A team of cell biologists, toxicologists and molecular bioscientists at the University of California, Davis, has published a study connecting thimerosal with disruptions in antigen-presenting cells known as dendritic cells obtained from mice. The study provides the first evidence that dendritic cells show unprecedented sensitivity to thimerosal, resulting in fundamental changes in the immune system's ability to respond to external factors. The study was published online today and will be available in the July print edition of Environmental Health Perspectives, the peer-reviewed scientific publication of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. [read entire article]

A copy of “Uncoupling of ATP-mediated Calcium Signaling and Dysregulated IL-6 Secretion in Dendritic Cells by Nanomolar Thimerosal” can be downloaded here.

Trading chickenpox for shingles?
Research published recently in the International Journal of Toxicology, suggests that the US government has unwittingly traded a typically mild childhood disease for a far more serious illness that affects adults. 

The research findings of Dr. Gary S. Goldman, published recently in the International Journal of Toxicology, support the theory that shingles, which is known to cause three times as many deaths and five times the number of hospitalizations as chickenpox, is naturally suppressed by occasional contact with chickenpox.
Mothering Magazine, Nov-Dec 2005 [read entire article here]

According to the study, the rate of shingles has increased dramatically since a 1995 governmental recommendation that all children receive the chickenpox vaccine. Both chickenpox and shingles are caused by the same varicella-zoster virus (VZV). Following a chickenpox infection, the virus becomes dormant, but can reactivate later, in adulthood, as shingles. It has long been known that adults receive natural immune boosting from contact with children infected with chickenpox. This continued contact helps prevent the reactivation of the virus in the form of shingles. 

Lawyers Claim CDC Cooked Books on Mercury - Secret Report Reveals

Conflict of interest at the CDC?
A four-month investigation by United Press International found a pattern of serious problems linked to vaccines recommended by the CDC -- and a web of close ties between the agency and the companies that make vaccines.

Judge Backs Parents on Immunizations Casper, WY

jama.ama-assn.org FDA Calls Bovine-Based Vaccines Currently Safe (see World News also for Mad Cow info)

FDA, NIH, CDC RECONSIDER SYSTEM FOR ENSURING VACCINE SAFETY Growing public concern over a possible link between autism and childhood vaccines and the withdrawal of the rotavirus vaccine last year has caused the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to consider re-evaluating the pre-approval and post-approval processes for ensuring vaccine safety. Note: The Medscape site requires registration; click Cancel to be taken to their registration page; read their Member Privacy Statement.

New Jersey - A state agency proposed that all New Jersey schoolchildren be immunized against the hepatitis B virus, setting the stage for a debate over which poses a bigger threat -- the disease or the vaccine. Before taking a final vote on requiring the shots in New Jersey, the Public Health Council will accept written comments from the public and then hold a hearing, which is tentatively scheduled for early April (2000). 
See NJ Nightly News report and Star-Ledger online
Contact Alliance for Informed Choice in Vaccination at NJAICV@aol.com

Colorado - ( October, 2000) Rep. Mitchell's bill to remove hepatitis B vaccine from the list of required vaccines for infants and children in the State of Colorado was introduced because, even though Colorado has a philosophical exemption, parents aren't told about it. The bill died partly because parents can exempt out. A copy of the bill can be printed off of web site at http://www.state.co.us/gov_dir/stateleg.html

Texas - Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education (PROVE) urges you to read The Virus and the Vaccine which examines the Simian virus SV40 contaminated polio vaccine. "Animal tissue is still being used in vaccines when it is very clear that researchers and the pharmacuetical industry have no idea what the long term impact will be on our health and biological integrity as a species of using animal ingredients in vaccines." See http://vaccineinfo.net and http://home.swbell.net/prove/

Michael Palmer's vaccine thriller FATAL on NYT bestseller list. Barbara Loe Fisher says, "Get it now"!

5 vaccine components (for measles, mumps, polio-including IPV, varicella, and diptheria) are developed from animal ingredients including cell cultures of chick embryos, monkey kidney cells, fetal bovine serum, and embryonic guinea pig cell cultures. You can obtain this information right off the package inserts. Also written on just about every package insert is the disclaimer that the vaccine is not tested for its carcinogenic potential. This concern is greatly magnified by the fact that parents are not allowed by law to make informed decisions about the administration of vaccines to their kids in the vast majority of states - they are forced by law and that needs to change.

Dawn Richardson (PROVE) prove@vaccineinfo.net

The Man Who Knew Too Soon? Houston Press Feature Article
Eight years ago Tom Curtis reported that AIDS could have been spread by an experimental polio vaccine grown on monkey kidneys. Scientists sniffed. Journalists scoffed. A polio hero sued. The story died. Now, a new book says the theory wasn't so stupid after all

On October 12, 1999, Air Force Major Bates testified before a House committee in Washington about the anthrax vaccine. Now the military is most likely going to court martial him for refusing to have a vaccine that he believes is dangerous injected into his body. See: http://www.house.gov/reform/hearings/healthcare/99.10.12/bates.htm and 
CNN reports:
Sailor pleads guilty, sentenced after refusing anthrax vaccine August 18, 1999
Marine jailed, discharged for refusing vaccine August 13, 1999
Anthrax Vaccine Links and Information 
Petition for moratorium on anthrax vaccination 

December, 1999 - GAO report on Problems with Vaccine Injury Compensation Program posted (pdf file)
Vaccine Injury Compensation: Program Challenged to Settle Claims

Controversy heats up over hepatitis B vaccination policy 

Australian article reports on measles and HIV vaccines in lettuce and potatoes: "... promising research has also been conducted into food-delivered oral vaccines against hepatitis B, e. coli, and diarrheal illnesses, ­primarily through a genetically engineered potato. Institute spokesman Dwayne Kirk said that, over time, bananas, tomatoes, or a host of other foods might be used to deliver vaccines."

Bart Simpson Fights Against Vaccination
Season 15, Episode 334. Title: "Bart-Mangled Banner"
Broadcast May 16, 2004 on Fox TV

The Simpsons and their town are seen by the rest of the US as unpatriotic because of an incident concerning the flag and Bart. BUT the first 5 minutes of the episode is about vaccination:

"It's shot day and Bart tries to evade the needle. Dr. Hibbert manages to get the job done but Bart suffers a side effect of temporary hearing loss from the shot and he takes advantage of it for all it's worth."

Very funny scenes of Dr. Hibbert trying all manner of things to jab Bart, including the doctor donning an ammo belt of needles. Also: great joke that has the doctor informing of "side effects" after giving the shot... and a ruse that gets clueless Homer to sign a no-lawsuit waiver.

Watch for this in reruns. Unfortunately, it might not be rerun for a good while. At thesimpsons.com there is a link to a Message Board. Maybe one of the folk posting there can give some useful info.

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Trading chickenpox for shingles? Research published in the International Journal of Toxicology.



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