NYVIC (New Yorkers for Vaccination Information and Choice)


Email list of NY State Assemblymen (M - W)

As of March, 1999
William Magee AD111 mageew@assembly.state.ny.us
William B. Magnarelli AD120 magnarw@assembly.state.ny.us
Patrick Manning AD99 manninp@assembly.state.ny.us
John J. McEneny AD104 mcenenj@assembly.state.ny.us
Brian M. McLaughlin AD25 mclaugb@assembly.state.ny.us
Dr. Joel Miller AD97 millerj@assembly.state.ny.us
Joseph Morelle AD132 morellj@assembly.state.ny.us
Charles H. Nesbitt AD137 nesbitc@assembly.state.ny.us
Clarence Norman, Jr. AD43 normanc@assembly.state.ny.us
H. Robert Nortz AD114 nortzh@assembly.state.ny.us
Robert C. Oaks AD128 oaksr@assembly.state.ny.us
Felix Ortiz AD51 ortizf@assembly.state.ny.us
Chris Ortloff AD110 ortlofc@assembly.state.ny.us
N. Nick Perry AD58 perryn@assembly.state.ny.us
James Gary Pretlow AD84 pretloj@assembly.state.ny.us
Roberto Ramirez AD78 ramirer@assembly.state.ny.us
John Ravitz AD73 ravitzj@assembly.state.ny.us
Peter M. Rivera AD76 riverap@assembly.state.ny.us
William Scarborough AD29 scarbow@assembly.state.ny.us
Robin L. Schimminger AD140 schimmr@assembly.state.ny.us
David E. Seaman AD139 seamand@assembly.state.ny.us
David Sidikman AD13 sidikmd@assembly.state.ny.us
Sheldon Silver AD62 speaker@assembly.state.ny.us
Richard A. Smith AD146 smithr@assembly.state.ny.us
Will Stephens, Jr. AD91 stephew@assembly.state.ny.us
Robert A. Straniere AD61 stranir@assembly.state.ny.us
Scott M. Stringer AD67 strings@assembly.state.ny.us
Robert Sweeney AD11 sweeney@assembly.state.ny.us
James Tedisco AD103 tediscj@assembly.state.ny.us
Fred W. Thiele, Jr. AD2 thielef@assembly.state.ny.us
Ronald C. Tocci AD85 toccir@assembly.state.ny.us
Paul A. Tokasz AD143 tokaszp@assembly.state.ny.us
Paul D. Tonko AD105 tonkop@assembly.state.ny.us
Darryl C. Towns AD54 townsd@assembly.state.ny.us
David R. Townsend, Jr. AD115 townsed@assembly.state.ny.us
Albert Vann AD56 vanna@assembly.state.ny.us
Robert J. Warner AD124 warnerr@assembly.state.ny.us
Harvey Weisenberg AD20 weisenh@assembly.state.ny.us
Mark Weprin AD24 weprinm@assembly.state.ny.us
Robert C. Wertz AD6 wertzr@assembly.state.ny.us
George H. Winner, Jr. AD127 winnerg@assembly.state.ny.us
Keith L. Wright AD70 wrightk@assembly.state.ny.us

Including your street address is very important if your are hoping to influence your legislator when corresponding.  Many will only respond to their own  constituents.

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What is the future of our Vaccination Decisions Support Group? Answers, (such as they are) will be posted here.

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Trading chickenpox for shingles? Research published in the International Journal of Toxicology. 



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