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   NOTE: While the NY repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination may make many of the pages on this site of little practical use, they are left standing to give historical context to rights now denied.  



New York State Health Law 

NY Public Health Law 2164 mandates the vaccination of children before they will be admitted to school. 

NY Public Health Law 2165 requires vaccination of certain post-secondary (college) students.

To verify the full text of NY vaccine Laws and regulations, go to the New York State Legislature page at http://public.leginfo.state.ny.us/menuf.cgi, then:

Click the "Laws" drop-down and select "Laws of New York."

Scroll down to and click the "PBH" (Public Health) link.

Scroll down to "Article 21" and click "Title 6 (2160 - 2168) Poliomyelitis and Other Diseases."

Click "2164" for "Definitions; immunization against poliomyelitis, mumps, measles, diphtheria, rubella, varicella, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), pertussis, tetanus, pneumococcal disease, meningococcal disease, and Hepatitis B."

Click "2165" for Immunization of "certain post-secondary students."

Section 66-1.3 - Requirements for School Admission (Effective Date: 8/13/2003) addresses proof of immunity as an alternatives to vaccination, i.e., "diagnosis by a physician as having the disease" or (in some cases) "demonstrated serological evidence of" disease antibodies. Regarding religious exemptions, note that "the school may require supporting documents." Please read this document carefully for specifics. 
The section falls under Department of Health rules and regulations related to vaccination.

Immunization Requirements for School Entrance/Attendance The specific number of shots required are listed on the NYS Department of Health website (revised 9/05)

NYS and NYC Recommended Childhood Immunization Schedule (2003)  

"Immunizations; prohibition on the use of mercury" - Limits amount of mercury in vaccines given to pregnant women and children under 3 years.

Long-term Care and Employee Immunization Act (PBH "Articles" 2190 - 2196) 

NY Requirements for Vitamin K & Eye Drops at Birth

New York Vaccination Basics A few things every NY parent should know and think about.

"Immunization" search on NY State Education Department website yields court decisions, guidelines and other interesting info.

From the NYS Education Department website  

"In order to encourage consistent handling of requests for religious exemption from student immunization requirements in school districts, the Department has collaborated with the State Department of Health and statewide educational, health, and labor organizations to develop guidance as well as an exemption request form."

March 2006 NYSED memo to Superintendents of Schools, District Superintendents, Presidents of Boards of Education provides guidance to school district officials on how to implement the religious exemption from student immunization requirements.

The NYS Education Department page contains links to:

  • Request for Religious Exemption to Immunization Form  
  • School District Procedures for Implementing Requests for Religious Exemption to Immunization

(Note: If the link to the memo page does not work, go to www.emsc.nysed.gov and search on "vaccination exemption" or other related words.)

Vaccination bills introduced in 2009 NYS Legislature 
Archive of Vaccination Bills Submitted to NYS Legislature past and present

The Wexler Decision ruled that limiting religious exemption solely to "bona fide members of a recognized religious organization" was unconstitutional. The full text of the decision is presented, including the reasoning as to why one family received the exemption and another did not.

Judge's ruling and letter from Vatican support extending religious exemption coverage to parochial schools.
Claiming a Religious Exemption Jessicca Hall
Defining My Spirituality Jessicca Hall
New York State Constitution - Section 3: Religious Freedom
Personal Religious Beliefs - magazine article/interview with James Filenbaum, the lawyer who won New York decision regarding religious exemption

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What You Can Do to protect your children and change the laws.
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Search New York Legislature for Bills, Status, Summaries, Sponsor Memos, Floor Votes, and Laws.
How a Bill Becomes a Law in New York State State Assembly site diagrams the process.
Why There is a Need for Natural Immunity Legislation

NY State Official Sites & Elected Officials
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All NYS Assembly Members are listed at assembly.state.ny.us/mem. Enter your zip code to locate your Assembly Member.  
Find your State Senator by zip code: senate.state.ny.us/sdlookup.nsf/Public_search?OpenForm
New York State Department of Health  
Gopher Menu Public Health Law Check out all the laws - compliments of the NYS Senate. (They prefer the word "immunizations.")
NY State Public Health Forum

Getting the Legislative Machine to Work for You general information



Audio and Video Vaccination Related Links 

Trading chickenpox for shingles? Research published in the International Journal of Toxicology.



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