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Parents Claiming Religious Exemptions Are Harassed 

The following reports are from National Vaccine Information Center files - submitted by NY citizens. This could be you. Please take action today and help get these bills passed.
Kathi Williams
National Vaccine Information Center

Queens County 
Our 7 year old kicked out of school for religious exemption. Questioned by the board of education lawyer.

Richmond County
We were told to have our son fully vaccinated or he would not be allowed to continue attending school. This happened in the middle of the kindergarten year and we were given 1 week to comply. We agreed to give him his last measles injection. Our religious exemption was completely denied for our other son .

Suffolk County
Our medical exemption is under review by school officials

Erie County
We had a medical exemption for son but now the school will not accept it. School nurse has been harassing us.

Niagara County
Our interaction was with the school official and the school lawyer. I was told 2 days before school started that my son could not attend. They were very difficult to deal with and I had just gotten out the hospital from delivering another baby. I had to meet with them 2 days after delivery. They asked me questions for 1/2 hour then we received a letter stating that my religious beliefs were not sincere. I went to a lawyer and we went to court and lost.

Montgomery County
My husband and I had a meeting to discuss our religious exemption request with the superintendent of the local school. He never asked us what our specific objections were or how vaccinations conflicted with our religious views. He discussed his medical concerns and related that his son as a toddler had a reaction to the MMR. He told us he would grant the exemption. The following Monday he sent us a letter refusing to give the religious exemption. We have one week to vaccinate or our children will not be allowed in school. This forces me to quit my job and we are trying to find an attorney.

Suffolk County
We have been contacted by the school district for an interview by the school attorney.

Greene County
My daughter has not been allowed to go to school due to no hep b vaccine given. School board and health dept refuse to budge on their stance and have labeled us as unfit parents because we refuse to have our children vaccinated.

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