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The New York City Immunization Registry 

The Department of Health has established a childhood Immunization Registry. The Registry is a centralized citywide database that maintains the immunization records of New York City children age seven and younger. These records will be made available to authorized health care providers, parents, legal guardians or custodians.

The City Health code section 11.04 and subsection (d) of section 11.07 requires that as of January 1, 1997, any health care provider who administers a vaccine to a child age seven and younger must report it to the Registry. The health care provider must also report prior immunizations given by themselves or other health care providers.

Information must be reported to the Registry within 14 days after administering the vaccine. Parental consent is not required to report immunizations given to children age seven and younger. However, if a health care provider chooses to report immunizations administered to children age 8 to 19, they need the written consent of a parent or guardian.

The Registry currently includes immunizations reported by the New York City Child Health Clinics and by providers in Registry pilot project . Health Care Providers must register to gain access to the information in the Registry.

The goal of the Registry is to have a complete immunization record for every child in New York City age seven and under.



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