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Sample Letters to State Representatives 

Below are two sample letters voicing concern regarding the NY State Emergency Health Powers Act. You are encouraged to contact your legislators and discuss these issues. Also, write these officials. Please feel free to edit and adapt the letters as you see fit.

Dear Assemblymember  (or  Senator) _ _ _ _ _ ,

re: Emergency Health Powers Act (A9508 &  S5841)

I am writing to say that I object to provisions in this bill which provide for mandatory vaccination. This is inappropriate in the free society which we claim to have.

As I am sure you are aware, the anthrax vaccine has been implicated in Gulf War Syndrome. Some of those vacinated with the new Lyme disease vaccine have developed serious, debilitating auto-immune disease. Statistics appear to indicate that children are at greater risk from adverse reaction to hepatitis B vaccine than from the disease itself. In a free market in which medical consumers are free to reject problematic vaccines, pharmaceutical companies will be moved by market dynamics to develop safer vaccines.

I ask you to consider mandatory medical treatment in the light of Nuremberg and Helsinki. We keep hearing talk of protecting our American way of life nowadays. How does mandatory medical treatment fit into this way of life?

Please vote against the Emergency Health Powers Act or any legislation which does not allow exemptions for moral, philosophical or other personal reasons to invasive medical procedures, and thereby limits the exercise of informed consent in connection with medical treatments.

Yours truly,

Dear Assemblymember (or Senator) _ _ _ _ _ ,

re: Emergency Health Powers Act (A9508 &  S5841)

While I appreciate the efforts of government to protect us from biological and other forms of terrorism, I am opposed to the State Emergency Health Powers Act, because the section "Vaccination and Treatment" allows the public health authority "to compel a person to be vaccinated and/or treated for an infectious disease," could make individuals refusing vaccination and certain medical treatments guilty of a crime.

I believe the right of informed consent to invasive, potentially harmful, medical treatment is a basic human right which dates back to Nuremberg and before. We do not want to lose our rights to control our own bodies and to live a long, healthy life. If we do lose these rights, the terrorists have already won. 

There are serious concerns about the safety of existing vaccines because of mounting evidence of dangerous effects from several of the vaccines, including chronic disease, mental impairment, and even death. Regarding the Smallpox vaccine, even the AMA, the CDC, and the World Health Organization have recommended that Smallpox vaccine should not be given unless there is an outbreak, and then only to healthy people around a Smallpox victim, because of the risks from the vaccine.[1, 2] The Anthrax vaccine has been implicated as a cause of "Gulf War syndrome," and many young military personnel have become disabled after receiving the vaccine. Statistics show that the risk of damage or death to children receiving the Hepatitis-B vaccine, now mandated in many states, exceeds the risk of a non-vaccinated child acquiring the disease. There is also serious doubt about the effectiveness of various vaccines. For example, during the years when Smallpox vaccine was routinely used, those areas with the highest vaccination rates experienced serious outbreaks and most of those killed were among the vaccinated.[3]

We are not reassured by the following provisions of Section 504, which purport to protect the public:

(2) The vaccine shall not be given if the public health authority has reason to know that a particular individual is likely to suffer from serious harm from the vaccination. 
(4) Treatment must not be such as is reasonably likely to lead to serious harm to the affected individual. 

We are not reassured because experience has shown that in those states which mandate vaccinations for school children, "medical exemptions" are hardly ever granted, even to parents of children who have already been seriously harmed, because there is general denial in the medical community that vaccines cause significant damage.

There may be a need for standardization of public health laws, but any state laws which mandate vaccination or other treatments must allow exemptions for those opposed to the procedures for "moral, philosophical or other personal reasons" (quoted from the Maine public health law). In a free economy it is much more likely that safer vaccines will be developed if consumers have a choice to refuse those which are not safe.

I count myself among the growing number of Americans who choose to take responsibility for their own health and to inform themselves about nutrition and other safer alternatives to drugs for preventing and treating disease. At this time, when health care costs have become prohibitively expensive, it makes sense that individuals should be rewarded for informing themselves and taking responsibility for staying healthy, and should not be made criminals for acting responsibly. 


[1] "AMA: Further Smallpox Study Needed," New York Times, December 4, 2001
[2] "World Health Body Rules Out Mass Smallpox Jabs" Daily News, October 26, 2001
[3] "The True History Of Smallpox" by Ian Sinclair, available at:
See also - http://www.whale.to/vaccines/smallpox.html

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