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New Vaccination Bills in NYS Legislature
Updated August 2005 
This section will be updated as new information becomes available. In fact, within the next few days we hope to add articles explaining the need for these bills - and some of the info may help you formulate a letter to your elected representatives. Links to new pages will be added in this box. Please check back often.

NEW NYS Legislative Update - August 2005

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Parents Claiming Religious Exemptions Are Harassed
Letter to NY State Senator Urging Passage of Vaccination/Patient Rights Bills
Letter to NY Assembly Member Urging Passage of Vaccination/Patient Rights Bills

Contact Info - NY Assembly Members and State Senators 

Dear Friends,

Thanks to the enlightened leadership of Assembly Member Dick Gottfried and State Senator Frank Padavan, NYers concerned about religious freedom and patient rights regarding mandated vaccination have the opportunity to support the restoration of some of our rights and freedoms. To do this, you are urged to act immediately to support the two bills they have introduced which would amend the present vaccination laws:

The first bill, the "Religious Exemption" bill, is intended to protect people in the free exercise of their religion from inappropriate and intrusive inquiry into their religious beliefs by government authorities. The parents (or guardians), or the adult student, may file an affidavit stating that he/she/they hold genuine and sincere religious beliefs which are contrary to the practice of vaccination, without being subject to further inquiry.

People who have experienced excessive intrusion are particularly encouraged to speak up. The Senate bill number is S4693 (full text here). The bill in the Assembly is A08383 (full text here). 

The second bill, the "Physician Prevail" bill, is intended to ensure that the professional judgment of a studentís physician or nurse practitioner will prevail concerning immunization of the student. It would be particularly helpful if MDs and NPs weighed in with their support.

The Senate bill number is S4692 (full text here). The bill in the Assembly is A08382 (full text here).

Senator Padavan has introduced his bills without circulating for sponsorship; however, Senators can still sign on to them. It is particularly important for constituents to contact members of the Health Committees, as this is where the the bills will be first, before going to the floor for a vote. Health committee members are listed below.

Under the present circumstances, even if your child's religious exemption to vaccination has been "granted," there is no guarantee that it will remain as such. Parents have reported to NYVIC that when their child has moved on to middle or high school, their status has been subject to review and that there is increasing questioning of the "sincerity" of their religious beliefs. 

Please contact your assembly member and state senator NOW and urge them to sponsor the bills.

Click here for information about who to contact and how.



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